AM News Net is a news service that provides visual coverage of high school, college, national, and international events. We syndicate content to local newspapers and broadcast stations and update our site with press releases from teams and sports leagues. Sometimes our photographers travel elsewhere to capture stock images used for later stories, or for higher profile events. AM News Net is a news source accredited by NFL Communications, MLB Pressbox, and College Pressbox.


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    ​AM News Net is an editorial content service that provides visual coverage of local, college, national, and international events.​​​​​​ Whether your goal is to be more informed, or even to use our content, contact us for pricing information.
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    AM News Net images have been used by and syndicated to numerous institutions, athletic conferences, and newspapers. Use our content editorially.
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    AM News Net syndicates top photos and articles out of the fifth largest media hub in the country. We can transmit the content you need within minutes for your editorial purposes. Content prepared throughout events means you can update breaking news as it happens.

National News

Check here for all the new and archived national news from AM News Net. From the WNBA to the MLB, international sports and everything in between, AM News Net is the site to check out.

College News

Check here for all the new and archived college news from AM News Net. From the Big 12 to the AAC; from college football to women's softball; from the smallest match to D1 National Championships, we have it covered. College sport news and imagery is at your fingertips.

High School/Local News

Check here for all the new and archived high school news from AM News Net. Based out of Dallas, AM News Net focuses on sports in the 5-6A to 6-6A UIL districts. Whether it's scrimmages or big Friday night rivalries, we'll cover it all with live sideline reporting and exclusive lockerroom access.

Other/International News

From national politics to world-wide religion, AM News Net has images and content of key figures. Obtain a license to use our images or articles of religious protests, international election reform, and more.
All photos, articles, and content are copyrighted. All rights reserved. None of this material may be published, rewritten, broadcasted, or redistributed in anyway without express written permission from AM News Net. Violation may result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Contact for details regarding permission to reuse content or about subscription to our services.

"Telling a story"
Telling a story and high quality images are very important to photojournalism. At AM News Net, we take pride in all pictures taken and strive for quality and excellence. All images and stories are able to be licensed, and our photographers have been contracted out to take pictures for other publications as well, such as Sports Illustrated, newspapers, and more.

At AM News Net, we take the importance of impartiality and fairness seriously. Further, most images are usually unedited. The following is some of our standards regarding styles, images, and editing:

Photos do not go beyond simple color correcting, brightness adjustments, dodge/burning, and cropping. Photos depict reality accurately. In any other case, the photo will be marked as an image illustration.

Datelines will include the city in which the story happened. In case of a press release, the dateline may be where the press release was released from OR where the writer filed the story.

Oxford Commas
Writers should include Oxford Commas.

Time Stamps
Time stamps should be formatted MM/DD/YY and the time at which the page was published.

Any letter, correspondence, submission, digital or otherwise, to AM News Net may be published in any media and exploited throughout the universe. Submitter represents he/she is the owner of the content submitted and/or has the authority to submit such content. AM News Net has no obligation to publish any content submitted. AM News Net may edit submissions to fit our ethical guidelines or for clarity/length. Submitter agrees to these terms.

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